Beef and Store Cattle By Private Treaty

For Sale

  • A small reduction of Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Heifers

    A small reduction of 5 incalf Pedigree Heifers & 5 Maiden Heifers. Fully Pedigree all the heifers are sired by McClemens Mr Banker, with 5 heifers scanned in calf 4-5 months to Rosemead Kind Prince. Traditional type of Aberdeen Angus and reared on commercial basis, they can be split. Would suit a new starter herd or add to an already up and running Pedigree herd, or a commercial suckler herd with the Aberdeen Angus premium.  

  • 100 TB Restricted Organic Cattle

    100 TB Restricted Organic Charolais & Named Sire Aberdeen Angus steers & heifers 9 - 15 months old. Further details David Kivell 07899 960272 & 01409 253275.


  • 10 North Devon x British Bulling Heifers - North Cornwall

    Will go on to make super easy keeping suckler cows that will live out. Ready to Bull November - December or let run to the Spring. TB clear and Ready to go 


    A nice run of Approx 55 Calves 1-3 Weeks old

    Comprising of Hereford x (Named Sires) Montbeliarde Bulls & Norwegian Red x Bull

    Also 42 x 12-13month Young Store Cattle 

    Cheifly Hereford x Steers and Heifers also including some British Blue x Steers & Heifers 

    and 24 10-12month Hereford & British Blue Steers and Heifers. 

  • 8 TB Restricted Cattle - West Devon

    8 TB Restricted Cattle 

    1x Aberdeen Angus Steer 16 months 

    2 x Aberdeen Angus Heifers 16 months 

    3 x Simmental x Steers 1x 10 months 1x 11 months 1x 16 months

    1 x Simmental x Heifer 16 months 

    1 x Devon x Heifer 16 months 

    All out of Suckler Cows  

  • TB Restricted - North Cornwall

    A Grand Bunch of young Store Cattle all out of Friesian x Montbeliards. (Can be split) 

    20 Aberdeen Angus x Steers 

    10 x 17 months 

    7 x 16 months 

    1 x 15 months 

    1x 14 months 

    1 x 13 months

    32 Aberdeen Angus x Heifers

    23 x 17 months 

    8 x 16 months 

    1 x 14 months 

    13 Simmential x Steers 

    1x 23 months 

    1 x 20 months 

    5 x 18 months 

    6 x 17 months 

    Plus another 48 Cattle 12-14 months comprising of BB x, Flekvieh x, Aberdeen Angus x, Montbeliarde x Steers and Heifers. 

  • TB Restricted - North Cornwall

    A Quality run of suckled bred cattle.  Charolais x (2), also South Devon x (32), Saler x (6), Aberdeen Angus x (1), Blue Grey (15), Mostly out of Hereford x Friesian Cows. 

    Comprising of 

    Charolais x Heifers 

    2 x 13mnths 

    South Devon x Steers 

    29 x 12mnths 

    3 x 8mnths 

    Saler x Steers  

    6 x 13mnths 

    Aberdeen Angus x Steers  

    1 x 12mnths 

    Blue Grey Steers 

    1 x 13mnths 

    7 x 12mnths 

    5 x 11mnths 

    2 x 8mnths 

    Most highly recommended to prospective purchasers. 

  • 5 Pedigree South Devon Cows & Calves

    A consaignment of 5-6 Pedigree South Devon Cows & Calves from renowned herd. For more information call Mark Davis

  • Dispersal of Pedigree Hereford Cattle

    This well bred herd comprises 12 Pedigree Hereford Cows & Calves, 5 served Heifers & 2 Yearling Heifers. For more inofrmation contact Mark Davis

  • Pedigree South Devon Heifers - North Devon

    5 Pedigree South Devon Heifers, 24 months old.

  • TB Restricted - North Cornwall

    19 suckler bred cattle out of chiefly South Devon cows. Comprising: 12 Steers Sim x, SD x & 1 Devon x  and 7 Heifers Sim x, SD x and 2 Devon x , all 10-14mths.

    Contact Patrick Dennis on 07831 620990.

  • TB Restricted - West Devon

    45 Friesian Steers, comprising of 19 steers at 15-16mths and 26 at 12-13mths.

    Contact Patrick Dennis on 07831 620990.

  • Small Herd Dispersal of 22 Limousin Cows

    Small herd dispersal of 22 Limousin x suckler cows with Limousin sired calves at foot. February calved. For further details please contact Robert Speck 07909 538520

  • 4 Pedigree South Devon 2 Year old Bulling Heifers.

    4 Pedigree South Devon 2 year old Bulling Heifers. They are sired by Grove Claudius 102 (Won a herd competition last year).