Beef and Store Cattle By Private Treaty

For Sale

  • Limousin Cows & Calves and In-Calf Cows

    7 Limousin X Cows, 4 with Charolais & Limousin Calves at foot and 3 In-Calf Limousin X Cows due September to Limousin.

    Cows are 2015/2016 born, BVD Vaccinated.


    60 ORGANIC Hereford x Steers & Heifers 4-6mths 

  • 10 Hereford Cows with Hereford x Calves at foot

    10 Hereford Cows with Hereford x Calves at foot (Name Sire). All running back with a tremendous Charolais Bull. Cows year 2014 and on. Sale due to contracting business expansion 

  • 14 Aberdeen Angus & Limousin Steers & Heifers


    14 Aberdeen Angus & Limousin steers and heifers. 4-8 weeks old.

  • Dispersal of Saler Cattle

    A small dispersal of Saler Cattle, 2 Cows and Calves and 2 Bulling Heifers, all Pedigree, selling due to other work commitments. Genuine. See attached Pedigrees 

  • Herd of Pedigree South Devons for Sale

    Pedigree South Devon Herd For Sale:


    Herd Dispersal of approx. 20 from the High Index Pedigree ‘Brettles’ South Devon Herd on behalf of Mr and Mrs M Rushbrooke, Worcestershire.

    To include Cows with Calves at foot, Heifers and a Pedigree Stock Bull. Mainly myostatin 0.


    Member of HiHealth Herdcare:

    • risk level 1 for Johnes since 17/12/2008
    • accredited free of BVD since 17/12/2008
    • accredited free of IBR since 04/12/2007
    • BVD vaccinated


    ‘Winners of the Region 6 Herd Competition 2017’


    For more information please contact Mark Bromell 07966430001 or email


  • Small reduction of up to 20 Cows and Calves

    A small reduction sale of up to 20 Cows and Calves, mainly Limousin x Cows with a few Aberdeen Angus Cows, mostly younger Cows. Cows running back with this tremendous Bull. Will split to no less than 5 to a time or take the lot. Highly recomended

  • 30 TB Restricted Continental Heifers

    30 TB Restricted Continental Heifers 17-23 months, tremendous growth, with plenty of grade amongst them. Been on a small amount of concentrate. For video please click HERE

  • 9 Shorthorn x North Devon Heifers

    9 Shorthorn x North Devon Heifers 12-14 months, ready to go on now or October. Well grown  

  • 9 Aberdeen Angus x Highland Bulling Heifers

    9x Aberdeen Angus x Highland Bulling Heifers, 20 months, Name Sire, ready now 

  • 30 South Devon Steers

    30 South Devon Steers, 10-12 Months old. Single Suckled. Very good size. 450Kgs + liveweight. 



  • 30 Black Hereford x in calf Heifers

    30 Black Hereford x in calf Heifers, due May 1st onwards to Stabilizer Bull. Good strong Heifers, Black and White bar 1 Grey and White. Out wintered and quiet 

  • Pure Bred South Devon Heifers

    Pure Bred South Devon Heifers, in calf due March-April. Most Mothers on farm, only for sale as a part reduction. Bull in photos is Sire of calves

  • COMING SOON Ruby Reds to Wagyu Bull

    Coming soon a reduction of North Devon Cows, mainly 4 year old cows, all Pedigree in calf due April onwards to the Wagyu Bull. A genuine reduction of Cows off the North Cornwall cliffs. Cows will go away and do well and a great meat bred calf for the niche market, up to 30 or can split to convenient number. Out wintered and this years crop of calves can be seen  

  • Pedigree South Devon heifers

    5 Pedigree South Devon Heifers due February.

    * 3 in calf to Aberdeen Angus, 2 to Pedigree South Devon Bull 

  • Consignment of 10 Charolais Heifers with Aberdeen Angus Calves at foot.

    Consignment of 10 Charolais Heifers with Aberdeen Angus Calves at foot.  Please contact Mark Davis for more information.

  • 80 TB Restricted BB steers & heifers

    80 TB Restricted British Blue steers & heifers 5-12mths

    Good long shaped cattle out of strong Holstein cows. 



  • Pedigree Red Devon Heifers

    4 Pedigree Red Devon Heifers (13 to 18 months old)

    Prize winning bloodlines (Sired by Priorton Outlaw and Lee Manor Llewelyn). Surplus to replacement requirements. Lepto/BVD vaccinated herd. 

    For further information please contact Ian Caunter 07813 068935 or 01392 252262

  • 50 TB Restricted In Calf Continental & Native Suckler Cows

    TB RESTRICTED - 50 In-calf Continental & Native suckler cows due Spring to Sim & B.Blue bulls.

    Contact David Kivell 07899 960272.

  • 5 Pedigree South Devon Cows & Calves

    A consaignment of 5-6 Pedigree South Devon Cows & Calves from renowned herd. For more information call Mark Davis

  • Pedigree South Devon Heifers - North Devon

    5 Pedigree South Devon Heifers, 24 months old.

  • Small Herd Dispersal of 22 Limousin Cows

    Small herd dispersal of 22 Limousin x suckler cows with Limousin sired calves at foot. February calved. For further details please contact Robert Speck 07909 538520

  • 4 Pedigree South Devon 2 Year old Bulling Heifers.

    4 Pedigree South Devon 2 year old Bulling Heifers. They are sired by Grove Claudius 102 (Won a herd competition last year).