10th July 2019 at 7:00pm
Near Grampound Road


Sale of 55 Acres of Standing Winter Barley.

* Tremendous crop, Varieties are “KWS ORWELL” and “Surge”, 134 Units/Acre fertiliser, Sprayed in October/February/April, Sold in 7 lots.

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Kivells are delighted to have been appointed to sell 55 acres of Standing Winter Barley near Grampound Road. 

The farmland is in good health and is close to a very good road network. 

The crop must be harvested and cleared by Monday 29th July so Green crop can be put in the ground. 

Lot 1.    Cross Park              11 acres     Wheat Barley (KWS Orwell)

Lot 2.    Cottage Field           7 acres      Wheat Barley (KWS Orwell) 

Lot 3.    Ash Park                 7.5 acres    Wheat Barley (KWS Orwell) 

Lot 4.    Front Field              9.5 acres    Wheat Barley (KWS Orwell) 

Lot 5.    Higher West Park    8 acres       Wheat Barley (Surge)

Lot 6.    Lower West Park     8 acres       Wheat Barley (Surge)  

Lot 7.    Drews Ground        4.5acres     Wheat Barley (Surge) 

* Please note these are not exact sizes of crop but are sizes of fields. There is a very slight difference. 

  • FERTILIZER - All crops had 134 units Nitrogen/Acre as follows; 

18th Feb - 33.5 units/acre

19th March - 67 units/acre

13th April - 33.5 units/acre

  • SPRAY 

20th October - Aphids & Weed

13th Feb - Manganese & Fertilizer (liquid) 

10th April - Fertilizer (liquid) & Fungicide

* Non Assured crop but records of all applications are available 


The Auctioneers highly recommend the crop to you. The vendors will give as much advice as possible on sale day and after sale day however potential purchasers are strictly requested to contact Kivells Auctioneers on 01409 253275 with any queries and not the vendors directly. 

Payment is due, in full at the time of sale and a cropping license will be produced and will be signed on the sale evening. 

Viewing is available during the sale again by appointment with auctioneers 01409 253275 or James Morrish 07814 010133

James Morrish FLAA