Weekly Prime & Store Market to inc 3rd Special Breeding Ewe Sale

21st August 2019 at 9:45am
Holsworthy Market
Holsworthy Livestock Market
Gates Open 6 AM
Sale to include:
Prime Cattle, OTM Cattle, Cull Cows & Store Cattle
Prime Lambs / Hoggs, Store Lambs, Breeding & Draft Ewes
to inc 3rd Special Breeding Ewe Sale 
Calves & Stirks - Over 220 Stirks & Calves include a consignment of Aberdeen Angus and British Blue Stirks (4-7mths) direct from one farm in West Devon. The animals are coming off the farm or origin and all Angus have Named Sires. They are grazing on grass fields with a small amount of dry food, fed from high legged troughs. The stirks will be sold in convenient lots. CLICK HERE for video. ALSO 9 BB & Montbeliarde steers & heifers 4-5mths from one farm and 10 BB strs & hfrs 4mths from another farm. 
For further details please contact Holsworthy office 01409 253275
9.45am Draft Ewes Followed by Finished Lambs / Hoggs, 10.30am approx. Store Sheep, 10am Calves & Stirks, 11am Store Cattle Followed by Prime Cattle, OTM Cattle & Cull Cows
Alec Shadrick
James Morrish FLAA
Mark Bromell BSc (Hons) MRICS FAAV FLAA
Robert Speck
Steve Prouse