House Clearance

Unlike most 'House Clearance' companies we are actually here to maximise the return to you and take a commission for doing so.

If there is that hidden 'find', it will be to your direct benefit.

Every week we take instructions for House Clearance for all of the prominent firms of Solicitors in the area, as well as from Private Individuals, Trustees and Executors.

If you are dealing with the contents of a property, please contact us at the earliest point.

A visit to the premises by our qualified and experienced appraisal staff will offer the best advice for Security, Valuation and Sale.

DISPOSE OF NOTHING - Often things thought to be rubbish are saleable.

IMMEDIATE ACTION IS REQUIRED - Once a property is uninhabited it is a target for burglars and your insurance may be invalid.

Items removed from premises are listed and handled by our professional carriers.

Goods are then allocated to the next appropriate sale to ensure your highest sale return.

Any family items such as photographs and paperwork will be retained and passed onto the client. If required, we can clean the property to leave it in a presentable condition for marketing or other purposes. Throughout the whole process we will liase with the client or their solicitors.