289 Household Furniture & Goods

19th February 2019

A smaller entry today saw spirited bidding from the crowd despite several regular purchasers missing due to the half term holiday.

Top call of the day was £65 given for a bench in from Camelford & Week St Mary Church with the same good home reaching £64 for similar. Messrs Fry of Tintagel saw their “Moroccan Table” reach £62 whilst other chairs came in from Camelford Church and hit £60 & £58.

Messrs McEwan of Stratton near Bude topped in the “Kitchen” section reaching £55 for a shelf unit going off to its new home near Winkleigh with Messrs Wood of Thornbury Manor seeing her pair of vases raise £50. Other useful prices included £46 for a selection of ornaments on behalf of Mike Clark with the best of the regular consignment in from Messrs Copps Removals reaching £45 for a selection of reading books going off to their new home in Mid Cornwall.

*NOTE* Our next sale is on Tuesday 26th February and will include the important dispersal of Hunting & Countryside goods on behalf of The Executers of the late Mr Morris Thomas.

Also Equine Sale here Tuesday 26th February 2019 at 11 am. Viewing will be at 9am-11am on Tuesday (sale day) only.

Deliveries on Monday from 9am-2:30pm. No viewing on Monday. Photos will be put on our website www.kivells.com prior to the sale. If you wish to enter your goods, please call Holsworthy Market 01409 253275