Agricultural and Livestock News

30th March 2015

Lambs to £108 or 309ppk ~ Hoggs to £94 or 212ppk ~ Cull Ewes to £139 ~ Cull Rams to £149

4th April 2015

~ A record breaking entry of goods at the Holsworthy April sale topped at £21,000 ~

The largest entry of goods ever sold in a Kivells Holsworthy Machinery & Goods Sale totalled well over 3,500 lots with a huge crowd of 404 registered buyers enjoying a great day that saw 5 Auctioneers in full cry from the 1st lot sold at 10am to the last at 2:56pm!

10th April 2015
  • 494 Store Cattle to £1,175 for C & J Cottrel of Holsworthy
  • 58 Prime Cattle to £1,398 (197 p/kg) for DF & JL Shervington of Hittisleigh
  • 31 Cull Cows to £847 (141 p/kg) for P&K Warren of Virginstowe
  • 138 Baby Calves to £492 for C&H Merrett of Bradworthy
  • 205 Pigs to £266 for Messrs Brown of Newquay
  • 1,496 Prime Hoggs to £95 Steve Cottle of Welcombe
3rd April 2015
  • 812 Store Cattle to £1,415 for Eric Gilbard of Thorverton
  • 54 Prime Cattle to £1,429 (207 p/kg) for Bottor Rock Farms of Hennock
  • 58 Cull Cows to £1116 (149 p/kg) for Andrew Gale of Newton Abbot
  • 387 Breeding Cattle to £4,600 for Eric Gillbard of Thorverton
  • 164 Stirks to £900 for John Sexton of Crediton
  • 270 Baby Calves to £490 for Messrs Knapman of Shilstone
31st March 2015

~ Kivells were delighted to conduct the very genuine dispersal of machinery and effects for M/S Burnard & Wallace of Hoppatown Farm, Pyworthy ~

28th March 2015

~ Despite the difficult weather conditions, a highly successful day was enjoyed by over 500 people with buyers registered from as far away as Birmingham, Newport and all parts of Devon and Cornwall ~

25th March 2015

Spring Show & Sale of South Devon Cattle at Exeter

With all bulls passing a high standard of inspection there was a good choice for potential buyers at the South Devon Herd Book Society’s Spring Show & Sale held at Exeter and conducted by Kivells.

27th March 2015

A ‘CHAMPION’ week for Kivells customers with big numbers of stock at all 4 Kivells livestock markets throughout Devon & Cornwall.  The very Special Spring Sale of Pedigree South Devon cattle saw a top of £9,240 for a 2 year old bull from Messrs Harvey of Ermington sell to its new owners based in Warwickshire, with 2nd highest going to William Scott of Gloucestershire at £5,040, selli

16th March 2015

Kivells of Hallworthy saw a superb entry of 302 store cattle sell to spirited bidding throughout.


20th March 2015

~ Continuing Excellent Trade ~