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6th August 2019
Head shot of Claire Quick

Claire Quick BSc (Hons) MRICS FAAV - Rural Chartered Surveyor

For an established farming business, housing two generations of a family on the farm can provide problematic when there is only one farmhouse. In this instance there are two main options, either the construction of a new agricultural workers dwelling or alternatively, the change of use of an agricultural building to a dwelling under Class Q.

8th August 2019

Swaling contractor needed for a four year contract at Common Moor, Putford.

Reference and details of experience wil be required.

Tenders close 5 pm Friday 6th September 2019.

Please contact Lisabeth Miller at Holsworthy Livestock Market on 01409 253275 or for more details and information on how to apply.

22nd July 2019
Stephanie Bray from CAAT and Richard Luscombe from Kivells holding a Cornwall Air Ambulance banner at the finish line

Stephanie Bray (Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust Fundraising Officer) and Richard Luscombe (Kivells Marketing Executive) at the finish line

Staff at Kivells put their best foot forward this month on a charity challenge to raise money for charity partner of the year, The Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

10th May 2019
Headshot of Kivells Lisabeth Miller

Lisabeth Miller BSc (Hons) MRICS FAAV - Rural Chartered Surveyor

It is that time of year again, in the aftermath of Basic Payment Scheme applications, that our thoughts start turning Countryside Stewardship and what it may be able to offer landowners on top of their subsidy payments, for preserving and enhancing the environment.

8th April 2019
Kivells Ian Caunter headhsot

Ian Caunter - Rural Chartered Surveyor, Exeter Office

It is often the case authorities and utility companies require access onto privately owned or tenanted land to provide and maintain much needed public services. Often access or entry is commonly achieved by negotiation between both parties, but compulsory purchase powers are exercised in some circumstances.

8th April 2019
Kivells Director Tom Rattray Headshot

Tom Rattray - Kivells Director, Launceston Office

I heard recently that a Tenant was walking away from his Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 Tenancy recently and I quizzed him to see whether he knew what he was giving away. I suggested he didn’t know how lucky he was to have lifetime security, potential rights of succession for future generations, and a protected rent review formula.

8th April 2019
Kivells Director Mark Bunt headshot

Mark Bunt - Kivells Director, Liskeard Office

Often farms or land are offered on the market with telecommunications equipment, typically masts erected by mobile phone operators. Other equipment may include underground fibre optic cables, or fibre optic cables on electricity pylons, which attract an annual rent or termed wayleave payment.

1st April 2019
Headshot of Kivells Lisabeth Miller

Amongst the uncertainty of the future ahead of us after BREXIT, we do know there are some grants on offer next year. A brief summary of each is set out below. If you would like any more information or assistance with applications, please contact a member of the Kivells Professional team.

26th March 2019
Claire Quick Headshot

Claire Quick - Rural Chartered Surveyor, Exeter Office

The Kivells Professional team are always keeping up to date on what is happening with the Common Agricultural Policy going forward which can be quite a task! There are many items that we think we know, subject to a Brexit deal, however there are many other unknown aspects that will be forthcoming in future months and years.

19th March 2019
Kivells Spring 2019 Professional Newsletter

Welcome to the Kivells Professional Services Spring 2019 Newsletter and by the time this hits your doormat, we will be in full swing with preparation and submission of Basic Payment Scheme claims and considering Countryside Stewardship.