24th March 2020


The Directors of Kivells have never faced such a difficult decision as to whether to carry on running Livestock Markets or cease.

The Government’s voice for rural affairs, DEFRA, have confirmed markets should continue, being part of the supply to the vital food chain. Balancing this with our concern for the health of our clients and work colleagues has not been an easy decision.

The feedback we have received from our farming clients regarding continuance of markets has varied. There are those who feel we should continue to provide the service, and those who feel it is crucial for food providers in the rural economy to self-isolate and stay away from gatherings.

We have thought long and hard regarding this matter, but the decision we have come to, for the time being at least, is our markets at Holsworthy, Hallworthy and Exeter will run this week for store and fat stock.

We will be closely monitoring the situation. More than ever before we will value the considered thoughts from our livestock clients and buyers on this matter.

Within our markets we will be operating strict protocols to ensure our markets can operate safely and remain open. For buyers attending rings or pens we respectfully request rigid adherence to the protocols which we have had to introduce for social distancing.

For vendors we will be operating a “drop and go” policy. This means vendors do not leave their vehicles during unloading nor enter the pennage area for any reason.

Obviously part of our monitoring of the situation going forward will be the way in which social distancing is respected within the market environment at every stage of the operation.

We trust you will understand the difficult decision we have faced. Should there be any change in the firms policy we will immediately post something on our web site.