Leader Grants

15th May 2018
Kivells Professional Services corn field with blue sky

When out on an appointment, there is usually one topic of conversation guaranteed to come up, ‘what grants are available?’

Currently LEADER grants are what appears to be the most favoured. Grants are awarded to projects which contribute to one or more of the LEADER priorities which include increasing farm productivity, supporting micro and small businesses and farm diversification, boosting rural tourism, providing rural services, cultural and heritage activities and increasing forestry productivity.

Cornwall and Devon is split into Local Action Groups (LAG), these groups are nominated to allocate grant funding to local businesses and organisations. Each LAG also has their own priorities, to find out which is your LAG contact your local Rural Professional office.

The application process is carried out in two sections, with the first being an Expression of Interest, this is a fact finding mission for the LAG, who will decide on whether your application is proceedable. The second stage of the application is more in depth and spells out further what your project is about.

These grants can cover up to 50% of eligible costs, with a minimum grant of £2,500 to a normal maximum deadline of £35,000, however, larger projects are considered case by case.

Contact your local Rural Professional office to find out more.

Tom Oatey

Launceston Office