11th June 2018
Freehold and with vacant possession upon completion

Within the Rural Professional department of Kivells we carry out a range of Red Book valuations which comply with the RICS Red Book (Global Standards) 2017. There are many farmers and landowners that require these valuations for a range of purposes from the borrowing of money, tax, matrimonial purposes and also for their own use.

Within these Red Book reports all aspects of the property are looked into from local planning applications that would affect the property and any development potential on the holding. Environmental issues such as contamination and flooding are commented on with a full breakdown of the state of repair of the property and the current property market. These RICS valuation reports give a full analysis of the property inspected giving detailed information for all lending, tax and matrimonial purposes as well as for those that are just looking to change the structure of the farming business.

Red Book valuations for tax purposes can include probate when a family member passes away and also for Capital Gains Tax if you are looking to rearrange the farm’s assets and want to ensure you do so in the most tax efficient way. Alongside this process we would work with both the accountant and solicitor if necessary to ensure you are getting the best advice to suit your business.

Valuations for matrimonial purposes may be required when a relationship splits and you need to divide the assets accordingly. We can either act for one party or alternatively we can be appointed by both parties to provide an independent valuation to progress with.

If you require any advice with regards to needing a valuation of your land or property please do not hesitate to give any of the Kivells professional offices a call.