Upcoming Sales Catalogues

Regular sale catalogues are available to view and download for various forthcoming auctions

20th April 2019
Treberrick Farm
Dispersal Sale of Tractors, Farm Machinery & Effects
24th April 2019
Holsworthy Market
Weekly Prime & Store Market to inc Limousin Society Sale 2018 Special Sale of Couples & Hogg Couples
26th April 2019
Exeter Livestock Centre
Weekly Store Stock Market to inc 'Easter Extravaganza' Sale of Pedigree and Purebred Ewes & Lambs and Ewe Hoggs Plus Monthly Sale of Organic Cattle & Sheep & Extra Pig Sale
27th April 2019
Holsworthy Market
RARE & NATIVE Small Holders Fair Plus Devon Cattle Breeders Yearlings Show
4th May 2019
Rugby Farmers Mart
South Devon Herd Book Society Show & Sale
8th May 2019
Exeter Livestock Centre
Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset May Fair Sale
10th August 2019
Hill Street Farm, Sherborne
On-Farm Production Sale of the 'Sherborne' & 'Blackhill' Flocks