Schedule of Landlord Charges

Full Management (12.5% ex VAT)15% of Monthly Rent1
Find a Tenant (unmanaged)0 - £999 £600
£1000+ £780
Rent Collection9% of Monthly Rent Plus Find a Tenant Fee as scale above2
Tenant Referencing£60 per Person or Guarantor
Tenancy Agreement (including grounds where appropriate) and Compliance Documents£200 Full Management
£250 Find a Tenant
Inventory£100 Managed
£150 Unmanaged
Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA)£90
Floor Plan£60
Arrange Tenancy Deposit Scheme£60

Additional Charges

Cancellation Fee£300
Tenancy Renewal (if required by Landlord)£50
Serving Notices£100
Professional Charges in Connection with
Additional Services
£100 per hour
Professional Photography£210
Rent Protection and Legal Expenses CoverPrice on Request
Health Check£120

All Charges Include VAT at the Prevailing Rate

1 Example - £600 monthly rent = £90
2 Example - £600 monthly rent = £54