Beef and Store Cattle By Private Treaty

For Sale

  • 9 Shorthorn x North Devon Heifers

    9 Shorthorn x North Devon Heifers 12-14 months, ready to go on now or October. Well grown  

  • 9 Aberdeen Angus x Highland Bulling Heifers

    9x Aberdeen Angus x Highland Bulling Heifers, 20 months, Name Sire, ready now 

  • TB restricted cattle

    TB Restricted 

    130 mainly Charolais Steers & Heifers 16-22 months old - From one Farm.

  • 30 South Devon Steers

    30 South Devon Steers, 10-12 Months old. Single Suckled. Very good size. 450Kgs + liveweight. 



  • TB Restricted Blonde & Limousin X Cows and Heifers

    TB Restricted

    Blonde X Cow with young Limousin Calf at foot

    3x Blonde & Limousin X Cows & Heifers - PD'd In Calf to an easy calving AI Genus Bull, due shortly.

    Contact Robert Armstrong 07791 484290

  • 30 Black Hereford x in calf Heifers

    30 Black Hereford x in calf Heifers, due May 1st onwards to Stabilizer Bull. Good strong Heifers, Black and White bar 1 Grey and White. Out wintered and quiet 

  • Pure Bred South Devon Heifers

    Pure Bred South Devon Heifers, in calf due March-April. Most Mothers on farm, only for sale as a part reduction. Bull in photos is Sire of calves

  • Organic Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Cows & Calves

    20 Organic Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Suckler Cows with their 2018 born Aberdeen Angus Calves at foot (all calves with named sires)

    For further information please contact Robert Armstrong 07791 484290.

  • COMING SOON Ruby Reds to Wagyu Bull

    Coming soon a reduction of North Devon Cows, mainly 4 year old cows, all Pedigree in calf due April onwards to the Wagyu Bull. A genuine reduction of Cows off the North Cornwall cliffs. Cows will go away and do well and a great meat bred calf for the niche market, up to 30 or can split to convenient number. Out wintered and this years crop of calves can be seen  

  • Pedigree South Devon heifers

    5 Pedigree South Devon Heifers due February.

    * 3 in calf to Aberdeen Angus, 2 to Pedigree South Devon Bull 

  • Consignment of 10 Charolais Heifers with Aberdeen Angus Calves at foot.

    Consignment of 10 Charolais Heifers with Aberdeen Angus Calves at foot.  Please contact Mark Davis for more information.

  • 80 TB Restricted BB steers & heifers

    80 TB Restricted British Blue steers & heifers 5-12mths

    Good long shaped cattle out of strong Holstein cows. 



  • Pedigree Red Devon Heifers

    4 Pedigree Red Devon Heifers (13 to 18 months old)

    Prize winning bloodlines (Sired by Priorton Outlaw and Lee Manor Llewelyn). Surplus to replacement requirements. Lepto/BVD vaccinated herd. 

    For further information please contact Ian Caunter 07813 068935 or 01392 252262

  • 50 TB Restricted In Calf Continental & Native Suckler Cows

    TB RESTRICTED - 50 In-calf Continental & Native suckler cows due Spring to Sim & B.Blue bulls.

    Contact David Kivell 07899 960272.

  • 5 Pedigree South Devon Cows & Calves

    A consaignment of 5-6 Pedigree South Devon Cows & Calves from renowned herd. For more information call Mark Davis

  • Pedigree South Devon Heifers - North Devon

    5 Pedigree South Devon Heifers, 24 months old.

  • Small Herd Dispersal of 22 Limousin Cows

    Small herd dispersal of 22 Limousin x suckler cows with Limousin sired calves at foot. February calved. For further details please contact Robert Speck 07909 538520

  • 4 Pedigree South Devon 2 Year old Bulling Heifers.

    4 Pedigree South Devon 2 year old Bulling Heifers. They are sired by Grove Claudius 102 (Won a herd competition last year).