Calves and Stirks By Private Treaty

For Sale

  • TB Restricted Calves

    We have a large number of TB Restricted British Blue calves available.

  • 30 TB restricted Steers available

    30 TB Friesian Steers 9-12 months 

  • 70 TB Restricted Calves off milk

    70 TB restricted well grown calves, all on dry food, can be split into convenient lots 

    30 born from June to end of August 18

    30 born from September to end of October 18

    10 born November and December 18  

  • 25-30 Organic TB Restricted Aberdeen Angus x Calves

    25-30 Organic TB Restricted Aberdeen Angus Calves, Name Sire Oakridge Duster, great calves, no scour, ready now. Half Steers, half Heifers. 1 week to 40 days old. 

  • TB Restricted Calves - South East Cornwall

    Up to 30 Calves and Yearlings comprising of the following lots 

    2x 6 months Friesians 

    10x 4-6 months Charolais and Aberdeen Angus 

    10x 3-5 months Charolais and Aberdeen Angus 

    10x on milk but nearly ready to come off Charolais and Aberdeen Angus 

    All out of Friesian Cows 

  • TB Restricted Calves - South East Cornwall

    A number of Calves ranging from on milk to 5 months old. British Blue, Simmental and Aberdeen Angus Calves and Stirks, all out of Friesian Cows. 

    30-40 off milk 

    20+ on milk  

    Well reared on nuts and straw, ready now. 

  • Bunches of TB Restricted Calves - North Cornwall

    Bunches of TB restricted calves to 7 months being mainly British Blue x with a few Aberdeen Angus 

    Around 15 off milk 

    20x 4-6 months 

    20x 6-7 months 

    11x 7 months 

    Healthy well done calves will go away and preform well

  • TB Restricted Calves

    160 British Blue bull & heifer calves 

    30 Angus (named sires) bull & heifer calves 

    Plus another 50 by the end of October 


    High health unit, all calves looking and doing well. Will consider selling in bunches of 20+ or as a whole. 


    Situated between Launceston / Holsworthy 

  • 16 TB Restricted Hereford Steers and Hefiers - North Cornwall

    16 TB Restricted Hereford Name Sire, Steers and Heifers 14-16 months old, well grown and ready now 


    37 Aberdeen Angus x Store Yearlings 10-12 months. A bunch of Aberdeen Angus x Name Sire, Store Yearlings. 4 Charolais x. About 30 Steers and 7 Heifers. Healthy bred Yearlings out of Aberdeen Angus x Galloway Cows and well grown for their age. 


  • TB Restricted - Calves

    We have a client who wishes to purchase between 40-60 TB restricted calves/stirks to fill his TB unit.