Dairy By Private Treaty

For Sale

  • Herd of 115 British Friesian Dairy Cows and Heifers

    Herd of 115 British Friesian Dairy Cattle for Sale. Milk Recorded with a Herd Average of 6480Kgs 4.52%BF 3.41%PTN cc128. Calving Index 375. Service Conception 1.6.

    % to first Service 60%. All in calf to Simmental Stock Bull. Calving Pattern: July(7), Aug(3), Sept(25), Oct(11), Nov(7), Dec(8), Jan(14), Feb(12), Mar(8), Apr(11), May(9). 

    Cubicle Housed. Abreast Parlour Milked. 

    Please contact Robert Speck for more information 07909 538520 or email dairy@kivells.com.




  • 30 In Calf Heifers
    • 30  Pedigree Holstein In Calf heifers - 3-4 months in calf (Due Nov- Dec)
  • Herd of Pedigree, NMR Recorded Ayrshires

    For more information please contact Robert Speck 

  • TB restricted In Calf Heifers

    9 TB restricted In Calf Heifers.

    All in calf to Hereford due Late August onwards.

    5 Pedigree Heifers, 3 Holstein Friesian and 1 British Friesian X.

    Cubicle trained. 

    For more information please contact Mark Bromell 07966 430001. 


  • Dispersal of an Organic Herd of Pedigree Jerseys and Jersey x Holstein Cows, Heifers & Youngstock

    This herd comprises 74 In Milk and/or In Calf Cows & Heifers, 18 In Calf Heifers, 33 Bulling & Yearling Heifers and 8 Spring born Hifer Calves. The herd is predominantly Summer and early Autumn calving in Calf to Jersey or Aberdeen Angus. Herd Average 6784kgs 4.77%bf  3.57%p cc136. Exceptional Herd Health - Calving Index 382 days, NO anitbiotic tubes used in 2018 or 2019. Feet trimmed routinely at drying off and 120days post calving. Johnes Disease monitored, all cows tested negative this month. Bulk milk tested for Lepto, IBR, BVD & Fluke. All calves BVD tag and tested since June 2016 with NO PI's found to date. For futher information call Mark Davis 07773371774 

  • Youngstock
    •   18 October and November 2018 born. Extremely well grown. AI sires from outstanding 10000kgs plus herd, Vaccinated for Lepto, BVD & IBR.
    •   15 January and February 2019 from the same herd


    •   40  September 2018 born British Friesian type, Genus AI sires.


    •   35  September and October 2018 born British Friesian type, Genus AI sires. 


    •   50  14 Month old Jersey Cross bulling heifers suitable for grazing type systems.                 








  • In Calf Heifers
    •  Pick of 10 out of 35 due August/September to Pedigree AA Bull .10000Kgs plus Holstein Friesian, NMR recorded, Non Pedigree .Cubicle trained, Homebred for 60 years.


    •    30 due July to September Friesian and Jersey Cross, by AI sires.  In calf mainly to AA dairy Sires, cubicle housed, well grown, vaccinated for Lepto, BVD, IBR & Johnes screened. Herd dispersed.   7600Kgs, 4.32% BF, 3.60% PTN  


    • 20 Born September 2017, cubicle trained, British Friesian type, 10 due in October, 5 in November & 5 in December from High Health status herd,4 year testing area.


    • 40 due October to December to Hereford Bulls, Crossbred, Jer X & Swedish Red X.  Cubicle trained 6200Kgs, 4.60%BF, 3.70% PTN. 4 Year testing area. Vaccinated for Lepto, BVD & IBR.




  • Cows

     60 in calf grazing type cows for sale due Aug/Sept to Beef Bulls

    (Friesian type Jersey X Friesian)

     54 in milk Friesian type cows, self fed maize & grass silage cubicle housed, herringbone parlour milked

                  7500Kgs, 4.30%BF, 3.5% PTN cc135. 1.7 Tonnes of concentrate
    27 due in October, 17 Due November, 1 due December, 9 due January.  All in calf to BB. High health status,4 Year testing area.

  • 80 Crossbred Cows for Sale due to calve June onwards

    80 Crossbred Cows for Sale due to calve June onwards 

  • TB RESTRICTED Herd of 120 Autumn Calving Holstein Friesian Cows & Heifers

    An excellent herd of Cows with a very high Health Status, due to Calve August-October - The herd is TB restricted, any interested buyer please contact Mark Davis with your holding details. 

  • Slurry Guzzler

    Slurry Guzzler (10 years old) 

  • Fullwood 5000L Bulk Tank

    Fullwood 5000L Bulk tank 

  • 12 X 24 Herringbone Milking Parlour

    12 X 24 Gascoigne Herringbone Parlour. Feeds on Fullwood Ration Master. ACR, Samplers for milk records. 


  • Crossbred/grazing type dairy cattle


    Crossbred/Grazing type Dairy Cattle:

    • 70 Spring calving grazing in calf heifers due March/April.


  • 15 Organic Bulling Heifers

    15 Organic Bulling Heifers

  • 70 NMR recorded Holstein Friesian Cows Calving July-November

    70 NMR recorded Holstein Friesian Cows Calving July-November. Cubicle Housed.

  • 30 Pedigree Holstein Friesian Bulling Heifers

    30 Pedigree Holstein Friesian Bulling Heifers

    All out of good AI Sires and from a 9000kg Herd

    Can be split


  • 100 cows with a predominantly spring calving pattern.

    Wanted- 100 Cows with a predominantly spring calving pattern.